Why Corporate Wellbeing

    Some managers may feel the health and wellness of their staff is none of their concern, however this couldn’t be more wrong. Research in the United States found that employers with effective wellbeing programmes have five times lower absenteeism and achieve 20% more revenue per employee.

    Corporate wellbeing is becoming an integral part of HR strategies. Similar to Enterprise Assistance Programmes (EAPs), wellbeing programmes are not expected to have a 100% uptake, but they are a vital building block in ensuring that employees are engaged and feeling valued by an organisation.

    Kiqplan in your organisation

    As the culture of wellness grows over time, employee engagement will be measured and continually encouraged, using gamification via team challenges as well as personalized training apps. Even basic changes have a big impact, a recent UK study showed that the number of sick days taken had dropped by 27% among people who were more physically active. Holistic and multi-disciplinary initiatives like Kiqplan’s are also known to be most effective in promoting mental health in the workplace. With depression accounting for a 48% increase in healthcare costs, that counts for a great deal.


    Providing an easily integrated tool within your organisation that will improve employee health and wellbeing. Providing a return in time and cost investments, encouraging productivity.

    HR managers

    Providing an easily implemented tool within your organisation and across employee teams, demonstrating the power of your employees to take positive action in improving their health and wellbeing. These team bonding experiences will improve retention rates and productivity levels you can measure over the years of use.


    Providing a platform that supports activities that any employee can fit into their existing life to improve their overall health and wellbeing. The outcome results in a motivated and productive workforce, with a desire to improve company bottom lines.

    Organisation Support

    The Kiqplan team will support roll out and on boarding of all teams into the App. We provide a structured communications programme throughout the selected challenges, with posters, emails and additional library content to support healthy balanced work activity.

    Our objective is to support Human resource teams to deploy a Digital wellness programme that requires little effort and maximum results.

    Managing a Wellbeing Programme

    Fortunately, technology can assist organisations in implementing and managing wellbeing programmes. Kiqplan is focused on corporate environments  therefore it’s been designed with a view that HR managers are busy with other initiatives. Kiqplan also provides regular reporting showing team engagement and changes in behaviour which allows HR to demonstrate the value of wellbeing initiatives.

    Return on Investment 

     For any organisations wishing to measure the ROI of their wellbeing programmes, we encourage benchmarking prior to commencing a programme. This process should consider productivity, team morale, individual resilience and confidence, and engagement levels. These measures will assist in highlighting the value on investment (VOI). It’s also important not to overlook the potential for these programmes to strengthen workplace culture. This leads to staff who are willing to go the extra mile, leading to higher productivity – which ultimately impacts the bottom line.

    Ready to recharge your employees?