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The Healthy Workforce Revolution

We couple people-focussed initiatives with data-focussed insights. We are a Digital innovation company with a revolutionary wellbeing solution for enabling employee engagement. We understand that individual and organisations value of combining humans with technology. Our consultancy services are therefore aimed at (1) supporting our products; and (2) improving individual and organisational performance through data collection and measurement.


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Developing a culture of wellbeing delivers many organisational benefits, including reduced absenteeism, reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, increased employee engagement and morale. Wellbeing programs are therefore being a necessity for high performing organisations, however many are unable to collect data to measure the value of the programs. Our team couples the people-benefits with the data-benefits. Our team knows wellbeing and culture improvement, but we also know how to measure data and deliver value from that data.

Kiqplan provides a foundation to baseline, collect and measure wellbeing data. Our team of consultants can provide you with support in how to gain the most value from a wellbeing program. To gain value from wellbeing programs, like any strategic change initiative, the programs must be a system-wide approach embedded in the organisation’s culture. Our team of multi-discipline consultants have expertise spanning organisational development, change management and sports science.

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