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Why Kiqplan

Our History and Credibility

We are one of the world’s leading digital wellbeing health companies.

Backed by over a decade of experience with solution offerings in human performance, our expertise extends from working with some of the biggest and best companies in the world who are invested in their employee engagement initiatives.

Kiqplan is a corporate and employee health and wellbeing solution. Our expanded footprint offers more end to end solutions and consultancy offerings by an expert global team.

Today we work with public and private sector organisations across the globe to deliver a digital technology solution for employee engagement and wellbeing. We address the challenges faced with volumes of data being gathered, what is meaningful and relevant, what insights can be gained and predictions delivered, all based on algorithms in our AI platform.


We work with successful human resource and management consultancy firms and channel partners across the world to deliver employee engagement and digital wellness solutions to corporate and enterprises organisations.

If you have a business model to deliver programmes to the following regions we would like to hear from you:

  • South East Asia
  • Australia / New Zealand
  • Western Europe
  • China
  • India

Our ongoing development of solutions will also support small and medium business employee engagement requirements, we welcome interested partnership discussions for this sector.

Wellbeing Consultancy

Developing a culture of wellbeing delivers many organisational benefits, including reduced absenteeism, reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, increased employee engagement and team morale.

Wellbeing initiatives, like any strategic change initiative, must be a system-wide approach embedded in the organisation’s culture. Introducing one initiative, such as free gym membership, will not create a culture of wellbeing. Our team of multi-discipline consultants have expertise spanning organisational development, change management and science.

Our team can support you in:

  • Identifying your organisation’s current culture;
  • Developing benchmarks to gauge success of wellbeing programs;
  • Developing goals for individuals and teams with regards to their wellbeing;
  • Developing wellbeing programs tailored to your desired outcomes;
  • Implementing wellbeing programs using a system-wide approach;
  • Measuring success of your wellbeing programs.

We do not deliver a “one-size-fits-all” service. Our consultants understand business and will tailor your program to your needs. We consider your organisation’s mission, values, strategy and individual team requirements. This leads to developing a positive culture of wellbeing that will provide sustainable outcomes.

The Technology

The critical role that we play is in the delivery of providing organisations with essential, value added and relevant employee engagement and wellbeing solutions that deliver insights and support business objectives.


Our Kiqplan platform allows the API integration with hundreds of devices and wearable as required by our customers for support of their employees across an organisation.


With a global team of experts in consultancy, clinical and health fields, Science, Analytics, Engineering and Corporate.

Market Focused

Our product has a defined relevant roadmap with feature releases to support our corporate clients, in conjunction with their feedback.


We have worked with many organisations across the globe on their employee engagement requirements and feedback. All this information is analysed and supports ongoing developments.

Minimal Disruption

Kiqplan is leading edge digital innovation and requires minimal disruption for our clients and their employees. We support all campaigns and challenge roll outs.

Customised for Scale

Our development team can support customisation and services as business requirements of our customers expand or change.

Ready to recharge your employees?