• The Digital Wellness Revolution

What is a healthy workplace initiative?

Employees spend over 50% of their waking hours each year at work. Employers can positively influence their workforce by promoting a culture of wellbeing. A strong wellbeing programme encourages physical and mental health by providing workers with the tools required to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Connecting employees with relevant information, benefits and challenges through one centralised application that is fun and easy to use. Core to this is the ability to use a product that supports the Pillars of wellbeing both at work and home as it is about the balance and holistic approach that helps behaviours to change.

Why is it so important?

Company growth rests on hiring talented individuals, retaining them and improving productivity levels The costs of stress-related absence and staff turnover, alone, cost employers between $150 and $300 billion per year. What happens when employees are given the right support? Recruitment, engagement and retention rates improve. Not to mention the increases in morale and productivity. Investing in the wellbeing of team members, is an investment in the success of the entire business.

About Us

We have a rich history in developing technologies that support health, exercise and mental wellbeing. Core to our platform is the ability to create innovative, easy to use and connected software with full data and reporting capabilities. We have worked with teams and corporations across the globe, understanding their specific requirements and customising solutions as needed. Our work in case, clinical and cost management provided the foundation to develop health related management systems. These platforms were extensive management, injury, health and reporting tools and had supporting apps for individuals.

We were, and are, world leading edge in the development of products that are visual, usable for any demographic and role within an organisation.  End user apps offer sliding scale metrics that support how an individual was feeling including – injury, mood, sleep and stress parameters. Alerts automatically sent to support teams such as managers, coaches,and teachers for monitoring the change in an individuals “usual” pattern of behaviour.

Intervention and prevention models are a reality with our solutions.

The Pillars of Wellbeing

Most organisations will have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) however only a small percentage of your workforce will access this programme. It’s important to provide a broad range of employee initiatives that support a broad range of people.

The Kiqplan wellbeing programme has been designed for everyone. It focuses on 4 pillars of wellbeing: activity, nutrition, sleep and mental health.

The programmes don’t merely focus on the fittest and healthiest, they focus on continuous improvement and behavioural changes that lead to a healthier balanced lifestyle with a philosophy of wellbeing.

Have you considered wellbeing in your strategic initiatives?

Wellbeing is, and will continue to be, a key area of importance in business initiatives. For more information on the importance of wellbeing read our 2018 White Paper.

Technology and data

We understand individuals in enterprises are juggling multiple initiatives. Our Kiqplan programme has been designed with this in mind. The digital wellbeing platform supports roles such as Human resources, Head of Culture and Wellbeing and Health and Safety Directors, in the implementation, management and reporting of a rich engaging product. Our team also supports you throughout the process. We help keep your team engaged, and we provide reports on completion of team challenges to demonstrate improvement and the value of a wellbeing programme.

Data security and privacy are of the utmost importance to us.

We are committed to ensuring the highest level of security of our infrastructure and storing of sensitive data is in place.

All our products meet the official global standards with multilevel security providing users with the reassurance that data is stored with maximum security.

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