• Supercharge Your Brain

Supercharge Your Brain

Who here hasn’t walked purposefully into a room one minute, only to realize that you had no idea why you were standing there, the next? We’ve all been there. With a million and one things to think about, absent-mindedness seems to be a daily part of life of the average adult. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to resign yourself to a future of forgetting where you put your keys (only to discover they’re in your pocket). Here are a few tried and tested ways to boost your grey matter:

  • Exercise

Among neurologists, it’s common knowledge that exercise boosts your brain power. Studies have shown that getting regular exercise may even be able to reduce your risk of dementia (including Alzheimer’s) by 50%. Studies with mice have also shown that running daily actually reduced structural deterioration in the brain, increasing mental spontaneity and improving motivation and abilities.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a hard core sprinter to benefit from the brain-boosting results of exercise: just 30 to 40 minutes of brisk walking a few times a week will do the trick.

  • Learn a language

Learning a second language not only keeps your brain humming along better for longer, it also gives you twice the chance of cognitive recovery after a stroke. We like those odds!

  • Get gaming

For long-term benefits, download a brain-training app. The benefits have been shown to last for up to 6 months afterwards! Alternatively, indulge your inner adolescent and get into video games: they’re proven to improve spatial abilities, motor skills and strategic, organized thinking. (Just don’t get too attached to the sofa and forget to get out for exercise – 30 minute sessions are enough!)

  • Keep active

Include lots of foods high in antioxidants in your daily meals: red and black varieties of beans, dark and bright colored fruits like blueberries and blackberries are great sources. Pecans and walnuts will help, too.