Kiqplan partners with leading LCD Consultancy to bring advanced analytics and employee wellbeing tech to the Middle East and India


Kiqplan Europe Limited has partnered with UK and Middle East – based LCD Consultancy to bring advanced predictive analytics and wellbeing solutions consultancy to India and the Middle East.

LONDON, 18 September 2018– Kiqplan Europe Ltd is pleased to announce that its cutting-edge corporate employee health and wellbeing product Kiqplan,will launch in the Middle East and India, after the company signed a partnership agreement with LCD Consultancy Limited (LCD). The agreement will also offer LCD the channel distribution into the UK and Turkey.

Kiqplan has been developed from the success of SMG Corporate Pty Ltd, the pioneer of technology solutions that address fundamental issues facing organisations, teams and individuals; the ability to gain valuable insights on health, wellbeing and performance and predictions in behaviours from all data gathered across multiple sources. This is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the organisation has the proven ability in creating software which uses data to accurately predict performance and behaviours in workforce populations, down to the individual level. One emerging and critical focus is the area of employee wellness, as businesses today face increasing challenges with staff health and welfare.

Zane Hall, CEO of Kiqplan said: “The world of advanced predictive analytics is growing and we have been at the forefront of this technology for a few years. We work with organisations across the globe to consolidate and structure health, medical and lifestyle data in episodes by activity, medical procedures, diagnostics and “groups”. For example, top health claiming groups and chronic disease groups. Our solutions analyse this data and organise it into “individuals” journeys. This results in the identification of patterns in behaviours that can then be used to predict their future “journey” or support them to change behaviours to become a healthy person.”

Kiqplan is one solution for organisations and their employees that empowers employers to create a positive culture of health to maximise performance, boost morale through higher engagement, and reduce absenteeism and the risk of chronic illness. Kiqplan delivers an holistic approach to wellness via an easy to use App, that integrates interactive challenges and supporting material that focuses on the 4 key pillars of employee wellbeing; activity, nutrition, sleep and mental health.

Kiqplan is an industry leading product with a support and delivery programme direct to employees with blogs, videos, exercises (mental and physical), recipes, a breathing tool, individuals walk and sleep and company step challenges.

LCD are a channel partner and distributor of Kiqplan in Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, UK, Ireland, India and China, and provide consultancy of advanced predictive analytics to new markets.The AI consultancy compliments the Kiqplan technology for the organisations they work with. What also set Kiqplan apart for LCD, was the ability to deliver a complete wellbeing solution that included a full 12 month mental health programme. Support in this area has been demanded more and more across the regions and for delivery to be in a digital, cost effective format.

Zane Hall, CEO of Kiqplan, is delighted to partner with Lorna Cope – Davies, Executive Director LCD:

“We are delighted to work with Lorna and her expert team in these growth regions. Their understanding of enterprises and the varied culture requirements was core in our decision to partner with them. Their advanced expertise in software integration solutions and analytics that deliver measurable outcomes was also of considerable importance to us.

LCD offer consultancy expertise across the globe and focus on healthcare, insurance and enterprise. This provides a complete offering to organisations. Both our companies also share the same passion for employee engagement and the improvement in health and wellbeing in our society.”

Lorna Cope – Davies is just as delighted to be working with Kiqplan. Lorna, said:

“We at LCD are very excited to be partnering with Zane and the team. The Kiqplan product and related Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis technologies represents an innovative addition to our portfolio of world class-leading products.  We look forward to collaborating with the prodigious people at Kiqplan to grow our respective businesses and expand the use of corporate wellbeing digital healthcare and AI based solutions in the region”.

Corporate wellbeing and employee engagement products are available in market today.

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Kiqplan delivers corporate wellness solutions that empower people and organisations to make incremental improvements to their overall health and wellbeing that pay lifetime dividends. Kiqplan UK Ltd has customers globally and offices based in London, Singapore and Brisbane.

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LCD Consultancy is a boutique consultancy and training organisation offering advice and training in new emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Mobile Proximity Marketing, Predictive Analysis and Virtual and Augmented Reality.