• Sleep


How does sleep affect workplace productivity?

Sleep deprivation can result in:

  • A 30% decrease in productivity
  • Impaired decision making
  • Decrease in positive emotional and social behaviour
  • A decrease in innovative decision making
  • Increase risk of injury due to lethargy or poor concentration

Kiqplan Feature

Daily summary of your sleep by hours and quality V your target

It is often underrated the value and importance of sleep and the impact it has on your work and life balance. Your focus and concentration and your levels of anxiety can all be impaired by either too little sleep or poor quality. What is agreeable for one person is not like another, so actually measuring and tracking your hours and quality over time and how you feel or perform is important to give a true reflection of what You need.

  • Log your sleep on the sliding scale
  • Track now and gain a true measure in on the easy to view screen of “Your Sleep” summary;
  • Connected to a wearable device and the data will sync with your details

Kiqplan provides the ability to measure and relate your consumed calories and nutrition value against your quality of sleep. This also has a strong correlation with activities performed and energy consumed and the quality and length