• 12 Month Mental Health Programme

Mental Health

How does mental health affect workplace productivity

Poor mental health in the workplace leads to:

  • Decreased productivity through increased stress
  • Increased illness incidence
  • Poor decision making
  • Poor contribution to workplace decisions
  • Negative impact on workplace culture
  • Transfer of challenges and stress from work into the home

How are you feeling today?

One of the most talked about topics today is the mental health of individuals and how employers can support their workforce. Kiqplan is a product that offers some tools that are easy to use for healthy mind and healthy body balance and each of the features and pillars are interlinked. This balance is important and the measurement of how one impacts the other is key. Mental health is so strongly linked to nutrition, level of activity, hydration sleep and even breathing properly.

Are you breathing properly?

Breathing is often researched to be a powerful means to control stress and strangely, most of us dont breathe properly. Take a look and try our easy interactive Mindful Breathing feature. You may find similar breathing apps available as a standalone product but Kiqplan has this in built – so you can use in the one accessible place.

  • Deep breathing relaxes muscles and reduces tension.  
  • Activity tracking and exercise routines – Proven to reduce mental health conditions
  • Sleep trackers – Increased hours slept, decreases the incidence of mental health condition