• Challenges


One of our most engaging features is the Team Challenges!

8-10 weeks is long enough for people to develop lasting habits: they get into the habits of getting off the bus one stop earlier, walking to get water more or at home walking a child or dancing!

  • We have worked with sports psychologists to make it very engaging and found that gamification and visualising the journey has proven to be a really efficient way to motivate teams – no matter where they are based, the challenge can be engaging.
  • Our fun workplace challenges highlight the need for change, directing focus on living a healthier lifestyle at the same time as building team work, setting a goal without the pressure to push any physical boundaries to an uncomfortable level.
  • Research tells us that 12 weeks is generally enough to influence future behaviours. Expect to notice a change in team dynamics as your employees learn to rely on each other through building stronger work ethics.
  • We guide you through the implementation process to ensure seamless transitions.

Challenge options include team and individual options.

Talk to us today about how we can build you a challenge for your team!