• Activity


How does keeping activite affect our performance in the workplace?

A simple lunchtime walk or a 30 minute burst of exercise has been proven to:

  • Increase  alertness
  • Increase energy often required for that afternoon pick me up
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease rates of illness and absenteeism rates
  • Improve mental health wellbeing
  • Decrease the effects of stress on the body

How much should we move and what counts as an Activity?

We all understand the importance of physical exercise and movement for our overall health and wellbeing. What we never really know is what is our daily target, how do we measure what we should do or have done and how do we fit in what we are meant to do when we are juggling family and work commitments.

Kiqplan has been designed to support all these questions. We understand that an employer wants a healthy engaged workforce and one key area is in physical movement to keep the mind active and to improve sedentary levels to gain maximum engagement.

Kiqplan is NOT another step programme. What we provide are a range of options to motivate and include your employees to particiapte as a team or to work on their own – to improve their lifestyle no matter where or what they are doing.

  • Activity tracking – seamless wearables integrations to track your every move
  • Team and individual challenges
  • Fitness test – Understand where you have come from to know where you are going.
  • Workout videos – workouts to suit all fitness levels from beginner to advanced with interactive warm ups that are timed for 30 seconds
  • Articles and daily tips  
  • Individual challenges – Keep on track and get moving in between company challenges
  • Blogs

Challenges are certainly core to the App – and we provide 12 week challenges for teams in the same location or across geographies to reach goals together.

  • For the individual they can set daily targets on a an easy to view and access sliding scale
    • Log an exercise anytime and browse categories  – there are 81 you can choose from!!
    • These include
      • All your traditional sport
      • Household chores
      • Dancing
      • Gardening
      • Water and Fishing related
      • Winter snow related

    Remember that doing household chores like ironing or shovelling snow is an activity..see, not just about steps!

  • Connect to a wearable device and sync what you have achieved.