Exercise – Helping You, Helping Others

We all know exercise is good for us, but exercise can also be good for others and good for the
environment. Exercise can be a great initiator to build a community of like-minded people. In today’s
busy world we often get too busy to consider our local community, but initiatives organised around
walking/jogging are growing in popularity and can help build social connections. Let’s look at some
of the ways exercising can add value to the environment and to our communities.

Environmental Benefits:

Cycling paths and parklands are a great place to exercise. You get your daily hit of Vitamin D, you
breathe in fresh-air and admire the natural environment whilst getting some exercise. Cycling paths
and parklands are not built without having a need, therefore the more people that cycle and use
local parks, the more likely local government will focus on developing such infrastructure.

Cycling or walking to work reduces the number of cars on our road which reduces the carbon dioxide
entering the atmosphere. And having more parklands assists with carbon dioxide absorption. Trees
also absorb other potentially harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, and
release oxygen into the air. Our parklands give us cleaner air to breathe!

Community initiatives such as “Clean up Australia Day” also provide opportunity to combine exercise
with environmental sustainability. In fact, you don’t need to isolate picking up rubbish to a formally
organised day – Take a bag with you next time you go for a walk and pick up rubbish along the way.

Local environmental groups often hold working-bee weekends. These weekends might be focussed
on creek/river rejuvenation, reducing noxious weeds or tree planting. All of these activities provide
opportunity for you to get outdoors, move your body and do something great for the environment
and local community.

Community Benefits:

In addition to the above examples of exercise adding value to the community there are also
opportunities to exercise while supporting good causes. The National Breast Cancer Foundation
holds an annual Mother’s Day Walk to raise funds for breast cancer research. This initiative is held
throughout Australia and provides opportunity for anyone to walk/jog to raise funds for a cause that
impacts so many people.

If you wish to support a good cause, anyone can start a gofundme initiative. Some of these initiatives
combine physically challenging activities with raising money. These initiatives can provide support to
anyone in need.

It has also been recognised that people living a healthier lifestyle are less likely to eat processed
food, and more likely to consume fresh fruit and vegetables. When you’re eating in-season fresh
produce, you’re supporting local farmers.

These are just some of the ways that being active can add value to others and to the environment.
Why not get together with your work colleagues and organise a corporate responsibility initiative
that helps you be physically active whilst adding value to the environment and/or local community.

Kylee Randall

Head of Consultancy & Special Projects

Kylee Randall has spent the last 17 years in roles focussed on developing high productivity, resilient cultures in corporations. She has successfully delivered complex projects that integrate technology and people. Kylee has witnessed the value wellbeing provides to organisations, striving to promote this mentality in all projects. Kylee’s qualifications include a business degree, Master of Business Administration (Sustainable Business) and she is currently studying a Post Graduate Diploma in IT.


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