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Welcome to Kiqplan. The foundation of your employee engagement and wellbeing policy

How positive is your organisation?

Companies perform better when people are healthy and happy. Kiqplan was created as a simple and powerful Digital Wellness solution that engages users and creates a long lasting culture of wellness by making it personal and measurable. We work with global organisations to understand their requirements that support employee engagement and wellbeing initiatives.

Kiqplan integrates with wearable devices, is gamified in approach and helps individuals set and monitor their progress.

Digitally Connected

We bring the elements of wellbeing together in a rich and engaging digital solution providing on-the-go wellness coaching with a flexible device-neutral platform. It learns from each users input and behaviour.

Engage teams across any geo location to improve their lifestyle. The integrated nature of Kiqplan ensures inclusive participation, provides a range of features for all ages and levels of active ability and can accommodate the use of wearable devices to maximise.

Holistic Approach

Research suggests 12 weeks is required to support individuals to make and sustain behavioural changes. Our individual and corporate challenges provide the momentum for positive change, through inspiring healthy competition and building team spirit.

It is about supporting individuals at their own level of activity, health and welfare. What motivates one person differs from the next and we work with companies to support that diversity in their organisation, to gain results for them and for that employee.

Informed Decisions

Kiqplan’s reporting provides the toolkit required to understand your company’s wellbeing status.  Monitor the impact and refine employee goals, to deliver a return on investment.

The ability to track and measure engagement of an employee engagement programme can often be difficult. With Kiqplan you can support business objectives by deploying a solution that has benefit at work and at home. The outcome is attracting and retaining talented employees, providing a culture of balance and wellness to support increased productivity.

Tracking Made Easy

Kiqplan integrates with a variety of devices and applications to track steps, calories and sleep.  Monitoring, syncing and reporting on data is what we do best, allowing employees to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Employees can set targets for activity, calories, hydration, sleep and challenges and these are measured. Human resource teams are supported by us with streamlined communications for their employees on challenges and motivation. We provide results metrics that support the decision for further initiatives to be executed.

The Kiqplan Effect


Employees who believed the challenge had a positive impact

1.56 Billion

Average challenge steps


Average individual steps walked daily

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